April 2013

the ratchet series composer residency begins april 1st at 10pm featuring bassist & composer DEVIN HOFF

4/1-SACRED SISTRUMS - Untangling (and re-tangling) the roots of American folk music through composition and improvisation, featuring Matt Schneider (gtr), Mike Reed (drums), Nick Mazzarella (alto sax), Josh Berman (cornet) and Devin Hoff (bass).
April 2013 marks the second installment of the Ratchet Series Composer Residency featuring the incredibly capable bassist and composer, DEVIN HOFF. Each of the 5 Monday night ratchet series programs will present new music from Devin's with 5 diverse and forward-thinking projects featuring outstanding Chicago musicians in the Improvisational, Jazz and Experimental cultures.

here's the listing of devin's output for the month of april:
4/1-SACRED SISTRUMS Untangling (and re-tangling) the roots of american folk music through composition and improvisation.

Personnel: Matt Schneider (gtr), Mike Reed (drums), Nick Mazzarella (alto sax), Josh Berman (cornet), Devin Hoff (bass)

4/8-DH BASTET Bass guitar driven avant-jazz for the People, with an eye towards the Cosmos.

Personnel:Darrell Green (drums) Nick Mazzarella (alto sax), Devin Hoff (bass), Howard Wiley (tenor sax)

Channeling the sacred folk music of an imagined culture.

Personnel: Frank Rosaly (drums), Alex Farha (oud/guitar), Tomeka Reid (cello), Devin Hoff (bass)

Avant-dance music for our friends from the binary star system.

Personnel: Devin Hoff (bass), Ken Vandermark (sax), Jeff Parker (gtr), Frank Rosaly (drums)

4/28-THE URSULA PROJECT: CONCERTI FOR DOUBLE BASS AND MALE  Compositions for acoustic double bass with electric/tronic accompaniment, inspired by the writings of Ursula Le Guin. 

Personnel: Devin Hoff (bass),  Ben Mjolsness/Todd Mattei (gtrs), Jon Krohn (electronics)

Devin Hoff was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. He began playing music seriously at age 15, and has continued to do so ever since, foregoing college as he was already working at his chosen profession. Torn between the visceral energies of punk and metal and the spiritual freedom of free jazz in his youth, he has spent the last 20-plus years exploring the resonance and dissonance of these musical tendencies. He has played and recorded with many musicians and bands over the years, including Ken Vandermark, Nels Cline, Vijay Iyer, Carla Kihlstedt, Mary Halvorson, Ben Goldberg, Joshua Redman, Kira Roessler, Mike Watt, and Good For Cows, his long-standing duo with drummer Ches Smith. In 2008 he released an album of double bass compositions and improvisations creatively titled Solo Bass.
He has written and recorded music for several films and stage performances, including the award winning Wholphin-produced short film Look at the Sun and the Anna Deveare-Smith play Let Me Down Easy (in collaboration with Joshua Redman).
He has also written articles on bass playing and music in general for several respected publications.

Learn more about devin here: http://devinhoff.tumblr.com/

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